How To Help Your Customers Chose The Best Natural Dog Chews - A Comparison Guide

Posted by Lori on Mar 7th 2024

In the ever-expanding market of dog chews, pet owners are increasingly turning to natural options for their furry friends. Natural chews not only provide a tasty treat for dogs but also offer various health benefits. In this article, we will delve into the pros and cons of some popular natural dog chews so you can help your customers pick what’s right for their pup.

Bully Sticks

These durable chews are the perfect chew for all types of dogs. They come in a variety of sizes and customers love them.


Protein Powerhouse: Bully sticks are a canine-friendly protein boost, making them a nutritious chew for dogs. Packed with muscle-building goodness, they're a fantastic addition to any active dog's diet.

Dental Dynamo: Healthy teeth and gums can help keep bad breath away. And most customers hate the struggle of regular dental brushing. The chewing action helps scrape away plaque and tartar, promoting clean teeth and healthy gums.

Endless Entertainment: Long-lasting chews can keep dogs happy and mentally stimulated. Whether a dog is a persistent chewer or enjoys a leisurely gnaw, these sticks provide entertainment that lasts.


Smell: Natural chews can sometimes have a scent when dogs chew on bully sticks. It’s just a reaction from saliva breaking down the chew. Bully sticks aren’t immune to this. However, when choosing slow-roasted bully sticks like Natural Cravings USA, owners notice a reduced odor.

Caloric Consideration: While they're a nutritional powerhouse, bully sticks can also pack a caloric punch. Educating customers can ensure their dog maintains a healthy weight. After all, we want happy and healthy, not heavy!

Beef Cheek Rolls

Beef cheek rolls are a unique chew that is odorless, and rich in collagen and healthy fats. Great for all types of dogs including puppies and older dogs because these chews soften as dogs chew.


Joint Love: Beef cheek rolls aren't just tasty; they're a collagen-packed chew that helps support a dog's joint health. Furthermore, they can be more helpful than some supplements because dogs absorb the nutrients during digestion.

Sensitive Stomachs Rejoice: Food allergies can make finding chews complicated. Beef cheek rolls are a fantastic option for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies. As a single-ingredient chew, they can be a lifesaver for those dogs with chicken or grain allergies.


Short but Sweet: While beef cheek rolls are a hit, they might not win the longevity award among dog chews. They won’t last as long as bully sticks or collagen chews.

Size Matters: For larger dogs, the size of the beef cheek roll can impact chew time. Be mindful of variations in size to ensure your big buddy gets the satisfying chewing experience they deserve.

Yak Cheese Chews

These unique natural chews can be a great treat for dogs who enjoy cheese flavoring. However, they are safer than giving dogs dairy.


Purely Natural: Treat your dog to the goodness of nature! Yak cheese chews are an all-natural delight, ensuring your pup enjoys a snack free from artificial additives or preservatives. Most are made from only three ingredients and use lime and salt rather than preservatives.

Long-Lasting Bliss: These chews are durable. And they just keep going. Owners can microwave small pieces and turn them into puffed versions of the chew.

Diet-Friendly Goodness: For dogs with dietary restrictions, yak cheese chews are a dream come true. They're low in fat and lactose-free, making them a safe and scrumptious option for even the most sensitive stomachs.

Dental Delight: Like other hard chews, these natural chews help support dental health.


Not for Tender Teeth: While they're a hit with most dogs, yak cheese chews can be a bit hard. So they might not be the best pick for puppies or senior dogs with sensitive dental conditions.

Pricey Pleasure: Quality comes at a cost. Compared to some other natural chews, yak cheese treats might be a bit pricier. However, they will last longer than chews like beef cheek rolls or tendons.

White Bones

White bones are a customer favorite because they are safe bones.


Bone Health Support: White bones are an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus that dogs need to support optimal bone health.

Chewing Satisfaction: Satisfy a dog’s natural urge to chew. White bones are perfect for satisfying your furry friend's natural instinct to chew. This can help reduce destructive behavior.

Durable: White bones are as durable as they come, providing long-lasting chewing enjoyment for power chewers.


Supervision Required: Keep an eye out! Supervision is crucial when dogs enjoy a white bone. They aren’t prone to splintering like cooked bones, but it can still happen. Another problem some owners face is the bone getting stuck on their bottom jaw, needing a vet visit.

Not for Every Age: White bones might be too hard for the tender teeth of puppies and the aging jaws of senior dogs.

Beef Trachea

This delicious natural chew is a customer favorite because it’s soft enough for all dogs to enjoy. They are also rich in Glucosamine and collagen. Making it healthy and fun.


Joint Health: Beef trachea is a natural source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin. These chews can help to support a healthy joint and mobility.

Unique Play: What’s better than a Kong? A natural chew that is healthy, and fun. The natural hollow structure of beef trachea makes it a perfect vessel for stuffing with treats, turning their chew into a delightful and interactive experience.


Sensitive Stomachs: These rich beefy chews can be a lot on some dogs. Too much chew time with a trachea could cause an upset tummy or loose stool.


Different dog chews bring a variety of tastes, feels, and health perks for every pup. Bully sticks last a long time and are super fun, beef cheek rolls are great for joints, and you can get creative by stuffing treats in beef trachea. Each chew caters to the unique preferences of every dog with its mix of flavors, textures, and health benefits.

As pet businesses, let's not just meet but exceed the expectations of our customers. By offering a thoughtfully curated selection of natural chews, we contribute to the holistic well-being of our furry clientele. Let's continue to innovate, educate, and ensure that every chew we provide aligns with the values of health, happiness, and quality.

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