Keeping Your Best Bud in Mind: Moving With Fuzzy Friends

Posted by Lisa Walker on Jun 16th 2021

Keeping Your Best Bud in Mind: Moving With Fuzzy Friends

At Natural Cravings, we know that moving is stressful; this objective fact is even truer for the furry friend you’re bringing with you. Taking them from their comfortable environment and relocating everyone to a new home must seem like their entire world is being upended -- since they can’t really be a part of the moving conversation. However, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure your best friend is comfortable during this big moment of their life, and some tried-and-true methods for maintaining their physical and mental health as you make this transition together.

Anxiety: Not just for humans

Anxiety in animals can be the result of several things, including new or strange environments or specific situations. When bringing your dog or cat into a new home or even when you introduce a new routine, this can cause some consternation as your animal gets used to the thing being introduced.

When bringing an animal into a new locale, you may find that your pet experiences symptoms of anxiety and nervousness. For instance, in dogs, anxiety manifests in behaviors like panting, cowering, hiding, and tail tucking, among others.

Keep calm and carry (your dog)

Before the move, please ensure you have done everything necessary to welcome your furry friend into their new home. Getting a health certificate is one thing to think about as their caretaker; according to, interstate health certificates.

To keep your dog calm during your move, make sure you are being cautious about their body language. If they are nervous, there will be some telltale signs, such as the aforementioned panting or cowering. Try to calm them down with treats or chews from Natural Cravings and offer extra playtime.

When you reach your destination, a quick way to get your dog comfortable with their new surroundings is to put things in the house that smell like them -- comfortable smells that communicate to them that they are at home, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Keeping them secluded to one section of the new house and introducing these familiar items can help immensely.

Keep your environment clean

Health starts, very literally, at home. Maintaining a clean, stress-free, and vibrant home is a key way to keep your (and your animal’s) mental and physical health flourishing. There’s a reason “spring cleaning” exists as a concept -- it’s a literal focus on rebirth both internal and external and giving everything a fresh start is a guaranteed way to improve your wellness. Your fluffy friend knows that a comfortable home is an indication of stability -- and your personal stress has an impact on them, as well.

Nervousness in pets can often result in accidents. This isn’t something you should punish your pet for -- instead, be understanding that they may take some time to get used to their new surroundings and continue to spot clean when they have accidents.

Welcome home

Relocating to a new state with your pet doesn’t have to be a chore, and making sure to follow these tips can help make the experience more enjoyable. Just remember to keep your friend’s comfort in mind as you make the trek. Many happy tidings to both you and your pet in your new home!

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